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Specific Objectives:

To increase uptake of spacing methods along with increased knowledge about sexual and reproductive health and family planning (SRH/FP) through planned mobile based toll free call centre as well as through a mix of IEC activities

To create new contraceptive outlets in the rural outreach areas to give contraceptive options to the community in terms of socially marketed as well as commercial contraceptive products, besides the free government distributed products, in the rural areas

To improve SRH indicators for Shahapur taluka of Thane district


Project Area: Shahapur taluka, Thane district, Maharashtra

The Solution

U-Respect’s unique solution is based on a triangulation methodology - services through a toll-free helpline, products (contraceptives) in place, and the use of local on-field community consultants effectively for support functions to effectively addresses the gaps in the traditional approaches by

  1. a) Traditional & non-traditional outlets and government services available in the area
  2. b) Providing a toll free mobile helpline for confidential counseling and service referrals
  3. c) Reaching out directly to eligible couples and adolescents and counselling them
  4. d) Providing nominally priced contraceptive products directly to households


Key Deliverables

To increase in use of reversible methods (condoms , oral pills and intrauterine devices)  at 36 months is 14.2% (from a baseline of 1.7%) which is a huge breakthrough.

8,843 men, women and adolescent boys and girls counselled or linked to services and products through toll-free call center, averaging 150-200 calls a month indicating growing demand for reproductive health counselling needs across the remote, rural and tribal communities.

About 60% callers were male.

Referred 1361 callers with essential SRH services to health centre.

Followed up with 1820 couples (subject to their consent) to ensure that they accessed the SRH/FP services they wanted.

Connected with an entire tribal / rural community comprising of around 300,000 people with essential SRH/FP services through mobile phone based call centre to provide a 24 x 7 service

Ensured contraceptive (condoms and oral pills) availability in 33 medical shops in the interior areas and 8 non-traditional outlets to give community members a range of choices of brands and pricing, especially for condoms and oral pills