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Project Swachalay




The geographical area for the project is Shahpur taluka of Thane district, Maharashtra. The total number of households that we have been able to reach out with individual household toilet units is four hundred as on September, 2018.

A COMMUNITY PARTICIPATIVE INITIATIVE:  From the very onset, the project is meant to be a community driven initiative, with U-Respect Foundation hand-holding them and the community agreeing to provide labour required to build the units (Shramdaan). 


The sanitation intervention is benchmarked on U-Respect's existing health projects. Since U-Respect particularly measures impact of all its interventions, in this case too, a baseline survey is carried out to assess incidence of all waterborne diseases in the last three months prior to toilet use from each and every household. Once all toilets are constructed and people start using them regularly, a similar study is conducted three months post-toilet use, to gauge any differences in the health indicators as against the baseline estimates.

There has been significant reduction in cases of diarrhoea and other water-borne diseases in the villages where the construction activity is complete and people are consistently using toilet facility. This data is corroborated with the health centre data on cases of water-borne and other allied diseases.